The Power of Subdomains

For those looking for a great way to create quality web sites that are extremely cost effective and easy to set up, subdomains are quite possibly your best choice. We all know what a domain is, but many webmasters are not yet familiar with the power and the many benefits of subdomains, here are some tips.

How Successful Bloggers Use The Power Of Subdomains
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What is a Subdomain?

In order to understand what a subdomain is, first let’s look at a regular domain. Most domains look like the following; Each domain refers to a specific site on the web and the search engines acknowledge each domain as a separate web site. While many domains have several web pages, each extra page is still considered the same site (for instance, While this is an easy way to add extra pages to your web site, for most web developers that would like to start web pages on new categories (called niches), they usually will purchase a new domain name to create each new niche.

Subdomains make the whole process of adding new niches to a domain easy, affordable and with lots of added value. A subdomain is considered a sub extension of your already working domain. A subdomain is considered to be a separate domain and entity from the domain that it extends from. This means that all search engines (including Google) see the subdomain as a unique domain. Domains are created usually using your web hosting administration panel. In order to create a subdomain, the process usually takes a few minutes.

For instance, instead of adding web pages that are on completely different topics to your website such as,

you can choose to create a subdomain, which is written as follows: You might have noticed all we did is add the word “baseball” and a dot before your domain name.

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The Benefits of Subdomains

Subdomains are not as popular as regular domains, because most webmasters are not aware of how easy they are to create and all the benefits that they can provide. Subdomains can be created on most web hosting accounts, usually taking a couple of minutes or less. There are many benefits of using subdomains; however here are the top three.

First off, while domains are affordable (costing about $10 for a .com), if you are a web developer that is looking to create dozens of web sites, $10 adds up quickly. Many web developers purchase 50, 100 or even 1,000 domains to create web sites that each bring in a small amount of income. Having 100 domains can easily cost $1,000 per year and once you add in the web hosting costs and annual renewal fees, you can easily see how quickly it can become expensive. Subdomains cost $0. Subdomains are free to create, whether you have 1 or 10,000.

Another benefit of subdomains is that all search engines view subdomains as being unique from the regular domain. To Google, and are two unique sites. In essence, you get all the benefits of having many websites, without the costs of registering new domains sites and hosting them separately. In fact, subdomains are easily hosted on the same account as your normal domain (they just show up as a separate folder).

Finally, subdomains are extremely easy to create. You do not need a lot of technical expertise or special software. If you want to create a few subdomains, the process is relatively simple and straightforward, however to create many subdomains at one time, the process can be tedious and there are software tools available to easily accomplish this task.

Creating a Niche Adsense Empire

One of the many strategies that web developers are using to collect substantial income from web sites is to create several niche web sites that are supported by Google Adsense. If you are looking for a great way to create substantial income, here are some tips.
What are Niches?

Niches are perhaps the most strategic way to target your website’s online visitors. When most people search the internet, they are usually looking for targeted information on a specific subject. For instance, if you are searching the web for information on mountain bike helmets, you wouldn’t enter the search term bicycle. You would receive millions of hits and searching through those hits would take a very long time to come close to finding the information you require.

Niche websites offer information to online visitors that they are specifically looking for. For instance, if you as a web developer that created a web site called, and filled it with current and on-topic info, the chances are that visitors looking for specific information on mountain bike helmets would easily you’re your site.

The Key to Niche Web Sites

The key to niche web sites is to find niches that people actively search for, but have low competition. The less competition you have for a specific niche, the more likely you will receive traffic from those searching for a specific term.

Niche web sites can be extremely profitable, because you can easily target products to your online customers. If you have a website, you could easily determine that visitors interested in bicycles would visit your site, but you wouldn’t really know if they wanted information on bicycle parts, accessories, paths, car carriers, etc. You would have to create pages and pages of information to try to meet your visitor’s needs. With a small niche site, you create a site directly targeted to one small niche. You basically know what your visitors want and can easily target products and advertisements accordingly.

How to Create Niche Sites?

There are two main ways to create niche web sites. The first major strategy is to purchase a separate domain name for each niche you would like to start. For instance, if you wanted to start a niche on trout fishing, you would register the domain name:, if you wanted to start a niche on bass fishing in Virginia, you might want to register a site called: This is the most popular way, however sometimes it might not be the most affordable or even the most effective way to do it.

The second strategy to create niche sites is not as popular, but in many ways more effective for creating niche sites. Subdomains have been known to many savvy web developers for creating lots of highly effective domains in a short amount of time and more affordably than the traditional method.

A subdomain is considered to be an extension of a regular domain, however the search engines including Google see it as a unique domain. Subdomains can be created for many different niches and for most people; you can create unlimited amounts of subdomains that are hosted on your normal web hosting plan. A subdomain can be created for any niche. For instance, if you had a fishing site called and would like to create niches for each type of fish, you can do it easily. Subdomains would be written as followed:, and As you can see, you can create dozens of niche sites from only one domain. The cost of creating each subdomain is $0, so you can easily save hundred to thousands of dollars per year on your domain costs and get the same benefits as buying separate domains..

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Maximize Your Niche Websites

If you are looking to generate profits by developing web sites, one way that has been proven to work many times is to use the niche development strategy. Niches aren’t new, however they are still an extremely profitable way to make small obscure web sites generate above average income. Here are some tips.

What is a Niche?

Niche sites are web sites that focus on small categories. For instance, a web developer can easily create a web site on a large category, lets say home improvement, and while home improvement may be a topic that millions of people search for, the truth of the matter is that they are not just searching for home improvement, but a sub topic, lets say outdoor siding. A niche is an extremely targeted topic that will bring you far fewer visitors, but the visitors that it brings you will be more targeted and probably much more interested in the information that you are offering.

Even the sub topic of outdoor siding, can be broken down even further. Niches can be extremely targeted, for instance vinyl siding or even vinyl siding in the Seattle area. While the downside is that the more focused your niche, the less visitors you will have, the upside is that the more focused your niche, the more likely each visitor that comes to your site will find information and products that match their needs.

Niche Sites Delivers

Niche sites delivers in several ways including adverting and the selling of products. Many webmasters monetize their niche sites to be extremely profitable by using advertising services such as Google Adsense and Yahoo Publishers Network, as well as selling advertisements on their web site.

Other ways to monetize your niche site for profit is to sell a specific product (either your own or an affiliate’s product that fits the niche and is high quality). Most web developers that monetize niche sites find that when it comes to click through rates and interest toward products, nothing beats a niche site for performance.

A great strategy to use when trying to monetize your niche site is to create an opt in email list. Once you receive targeted traffic from your niche site, you should start to collect an opt in email list. An opt in email list is when you ask for the emails of your visitors and offer them more information about a topic (i.e. newsletter), free software or a digital coupon to save on products that you sell. Creating an opt in email list on your niche site is a great way to stay in touch with the people that visit your site on a weekly or monthly basis.

Using advertising, affiliate products, your own products and an opt in email list to monetize your niche site is one of the most proven methods to create regular income. If you are looking to become a web developer or already creating web sites, creating niche sites is an extremely profitable strategy.

Three Ways to Save Costs When Building Web Sites

If you are a web developer trying to create profitable web sites, you probably already know how difficult it is to create numerous web sites quickly and affordably. However, there are strategies that you can use to limit the costs to virtually nothing and create plenty of quality web sites in a relatively quick period of time. Here is some more information.

Domain Extensions Matter

For most people, there is only one domain extension- that being .com. However, .com extensions while very popular are not the only extension that a web developer can use, other extensions include .net, .info, .biz, .eu, etc. If your target audience is those that input your web site directly, you should stick to .com, however if the vast majority of visitors to your site find it through the search engines or pay per click ads then you can save a boatload with less popular domain extension. While .com domains usually cost about $10 per year, domains such as .info can cost as little as $1.50 per year saving you about 85% of the cost.
It is important to note that for the most part you do not see any drop in visitors or page rank due to a domain extension, making other less popular extensions a good deal for certain web strategies.

Subdomains for Web Savvy Developers

Subdomains are some of the best ways to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year when creating many web sites. Subdomains are sub extensions of a domain. For instance, if you have a domain called, a subdomain would be The beauty of subdomains is two fold. First they are recognized by all search engines as unique, separate web sites, secondly, they are free and most web hosting plans allow hosting of unlimited subdomains. Subdomains are usually simple to create, however if you are creating lots of them at one time, it might get tedious. Look for software available to make the creation of subdomains almost instantaneous.

Web Template Software

Web template software is another great product to use if you want to save money creating web sites. Why spend hours upon hours programming a tedious web site, when there is software available that is extremely affordable that can do it in much less time. Web template software can help you create customizable search engine optimized templates in seconds, saving you hours of time. Web templates can be used for both white hat and black hat SEO, but for the most part many web developers use it for general web creation.

If you hired a computer programmer to create a web site for you, it would definitely cost several hundred dollars and for many sites the costs can rise in the thousands. Web template software is not for every web site, but it is perfect for most web sites, saving up to 95% of your web development costs. There are even a few web template software products available that are given away for free.

SEO Resources to Grow an Adsense Empire

For many web developers looking to earn extra income or full time revenue one of the strategies available is to sign up for Google Adsense. Google Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize your web sites and it has been proven to work for millions of web site publishers. If you are looking to create a Google Adsense empire, here are some of the things you will need to know.

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Resources That Work

Before you jump into creating web sites filled with Google Adsense ads, you should first do lots of research. While there are many people making huge amounts of income off of Google Adsense, it is not as easy as one thinks. Building profitable web sites takes a lot of thought, hard work and key information that can help your web site rise among the competition. The first thing you should learn is SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is a set of skills and knowledge used to create websites that easily rank high in the search engine indexes. Web sites that are easy to find by web visitors usually translate into very profitable sites. Some of the ways to learn SEO is to visit SEO forums and to purchase and read a few books or ebooks on SEO.

You can learn a lot in a relatively short period of time using the above resources, however to truly succeed you must be on the cutting edge of information. Make sure you use forums to gain cutting edge info, as well as building up relationships with many others in the field. Many SEO’s and web developers rely on others in the community to help and advise them on the proper techniques in the industry that are working. While SEO’s are competitive, they are also a very cooperative group.

SEO Software

SEO software is another great resource to use when creating your Google Adsense empire. For those that would like to create a wide range of web sites, using your hands is not enough. In order to maximize your chances for large profits, you must create many web sites that fit certain specifications in a short period of time. Doing this by hand is almost impossible and very tedious, where the right software can accomplish this job in a matter of minutes.

Research Web Resources

Just like you should research SEO to understand the factors at work when creating web sites, you should also research the resources you use to make sure they are the best at what they provide. For instance, there are several very good forums on the web, some focus on Internet marketing, some focus on domains, others are general, etc, make sure that you check several of them out to find the forum that fits your business or goals the best. The same is true about software. Don’t go out and buy every software product you see. Do your research, ask around and choose the software that fits your business and budget best.

Earn a Substantial Income with Subdomains

If you are looking for a great way to earn income as a web developer, one of the savviest web developing techniques around is to use the power of subdomains. For those that have created web sites for profit in the past, you probably already know how difficult it can be to create one or two highly successful web sites that generate substantial income, however for those that are committed to an online income source, the strategy of using subdomains is fairly straightforward and for many web developers extremely profitable.

There are two fundamental strategies when creating web sites for profit; you can create one or two highly successful web sites that earn in excess of $100 or more or you can create 50 to 100 smaller, less successful web sites that earn about $1 per day. Each web site strategy has its advantages and disadvantages.

Focus on One or Two Successful Web Sites

It is fairly difficult to create one or two web sites that generate big chunks of income. To start off with, you will probably have tons of competition chipping away at your income, especially if you have a good category or product. Secondly, you will have to worry that nothing happens to this one site, including a drop in the page ranks, advertisers going elsewhere or a niche that isn’t popular anymore. As you can see, while it may be easier to focus on one web site, you will constantly need to avoid the many pitfalls that can cause a drop in income.

Create Dozens of Smaller Web Sites

Many web developers choose the strategy of diversification. They create dozens or even hundreds of web sites and each of these web sites needs to only generate a dollar or less a day. Diversifying your web sites over a broad range of categories can help you grow a stable and long term web development business. If one niche web site is not profitable, the profit lost is minimal and if you have one or two web sites that take off, you can always put the time and money into it to make it a big winner. The only downside to creating so many web sites is the cost of purchasing and managing domain names, however that is where subdomains come in.


Subdomains are like sub extensions of a domain. For instance, a normal domain is written as, however a subdomain can be By adding the word pitchers and a dot, you have created a subdomain. The beauty of subdomains is that to search engines they are each individual and separate web sites. Subdomains are very easy to create and are free. Many web hosting plans allow you to create unlimited amounts of subdomains for free. You can now create dozens or even hundreds of web sites quickly and easily without spending $10 or more to register each domain. Using subdomains can literally save you thousands of dollars per year just on domain registration fees.

If you are looking for an affordable way to diversify, one of the best strategies around is to use subdomains.

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