AWeber Email Marketing

Introduction: There was a time where if someone wanted to do business with you they had to try to get your attention through direct mail, telemarketing or face-to-face. The problem? Most of the time these marketing methods were completely unsolicited – they were “push,” as marketers pushed information to consumers. As a result, we often […]

Email Marketing Basics

What Is Email All About? Technology has taken such incredible leaps of advancement that it is easy to forget how it was not so many years ago. Even with the advent of smartphones, laptops and wireless internet, we all tend to forget that the internet was designed to give us a different means of communication. […]

How to Optimize a Squeeze Page for Search Engine Traffic

When building a squeeze page it’s important that you understand who your audience is and what the purpose of the page is before getting started. Then, to optimize the squeeze page appropriately consider the following. 1. Keep It Simple – Don’t go nuts with putting every last thing in every last squeeze page you make. […]