6 Social Media Publishing Best Practices

6 Social Media Publishing Best Practices

In an article appeared in blogs.oracle.com , they share six recommendations must take into account when we use social media

Regardless of where you fall in the social media sites advertising and marketing chain, there are most ideal techniques and points to consider when it comes to social media sites publishing.

1. One Size Does Not Fit All

You know those studies out there that proclaim to tell you what is the best day and time to post to Facebook or Twitter to achieve maximum engagement? Forget them. You and you alone will know what works best for your audience, especially if you are properly reviewing your social listening data. Your audience may engage the most on weekends. And global companies need to take multiple time zones into account.

2. Cadence Consistency

One of the biggest mistakes brands make is not establishing a consistent cadence of publishing. It is vitally important to have a consistent message going out via
the social media platforms that work best for you and your brand. See the next section.

3. Platforms Aplenty

There is a veritable plethora of social media platforms to use, including the big boys: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The key is to know what platforms work best for your audience—what platforms help you achieve your goals. Don’t dive right into Snapchat for example. Test it out. But if it’s not the right fit, it’s not the right fit. Period.

4. Be In Sync With Marketing

A huge part of social media publishing is to share content that your company created. And the best way to do that is ensure your social media publishing calendar is aligned with all content and demand generation marketing objectives.

5. Data

Metrics and social media can be complicated. But they don’t need to be. Just determine what key performance indicators (KPIs) matter to you most in terms of aligning with your overall goals and go from there. If over time, your KPIs change, fine. Then change them and measure and track accordingly.

6. Mobile, Mobile, and More Mobile

According to comScore, 76% of all time spent on social media channels in the US is logged with a mobile device. Canada and the UK are close behind with 70%. This should come as no surprise. Your website and blog should be optimized for mobile, but make sure your share buttons are too.

(READ THE FULL STORY HERE: https://blogs.oracle.com/marketingcloud/6-social-media-publishing-best-practices )

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